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Cats Crave Human Companionship

By :Robbi Hess 0 comments
Cats Crave Human Companionship

The myth that cats don’t “need” or “like” their pet parents is just that -- a myth. Cats may be more aloof than your dog, but they crave companionship from their humans just as dogs do -- maybe just not as often!

Prevent Cat Scratching

Cats crave human companionship and if they are left home alone too often or too frequently they can turn to destructive behaviors just as dogs do. A bored cat can be as destructive to your home as a dog. Cats scratch to alleviate boredom as well as scratching because it is an instinctual behavior

It is “easier” to leave a cat home alone because many pet parents provide litter boxes for their cats and that means your cat won’t need to be walked to relieve herself during the day. But if your cat is the only cat in the house, she will get lonely and bored. In her boredom your couches, chairs, window sills and even door frames may pay the price. You may arrive home to a cat scratching masterpiece.

Tips for Leaving Your Cat Home Alone

What is a cat parent to do when leaving his or her cat home alone? Here are a few ways to keep your cat company and keep him from clawing up your home.

  1. Make sure you have cat toys available. Cats get bored with playing with the same toy so give them some catnip mice, feather toys, food puzzle toys and other items you find at your favorite pet store. Put different toys in different rooms of the house to keep your kitty busy while you’re away.
  2. Put scratching posts in various locations. If your cat is prone to scratching the couch, place a scratching post there to train her to scratch on the appropriate item and not your couch. Try out different types of scratching posts until you find one your cat likes. Some cats like to scratch carpet, cat trees designed with wooden steps or log separators, others like cardboard, others like sisal rope. The textures appeal to the cat’s tactile nature and he may like one type of post better than another. Until your cat learns the appropriate items upon which to scratch, protect your home and furniture with CLAWGUARD’s protective tape and furniture shields.
  3. Play with her before you leave the house. Just as a tired dog is a good dog, so too is that adage true for cats. Tire her out and she just may snooze the day away.
  4. Put up a hammock or other device that gives your cat a bird’s eye view of the outdoors. He may also welcome the opportunity to sun himself in the hammock on a warm summer day.
  5. If you worry about your cat being lonely, adopt a pal for him. Cats are not as solitary as many people think. They crave companionship and love to have someone (or some other cat!) to snuggle up with.

Always Ensure Safety

Always make sure your cat is safely indoors when you leave for the day and that she has access to fresh food and water.

Don’t let your cat suffer separation anxiety when you can provide her with mentally stimulating toys and a warm, comfortable place to sleep while you’re away.

CLAWGUARD builds shields that help protect homes from damage caused by dogs and cats. Products include door shields, couch guards, and universal protective tape that protects commonly scratched areas like window sills, furniture, banisters, weatherstripping and more.  Check us out on Amazon and read our many FIVE STAR reviews!

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