Protect Your Screen Door From Dog Damage

How to Protect Your Screen Door From Dog Damage

Feb 6, 2022 · dog scratch

Before we get into the ways of preventing damage to your screen door, it's necessary to understand why this occurs in the first place.

One of the primary reasons that screen doors are so susceptible to damage is because they offer limited visibility to what is on the other side. Any child or dog running quickly toward a screen door is likely to miss it entirely until it is too late and the screen is torn. Oops! Since screen doors can break easily, it doesn't take much to rip them out entirely.

Another reason why dogs frequently break screens is because they see something on the other side that is simply too tempting to turn away from. The fact that the screen door does not feel like a substantial barrier and allows for limited visibility, causes many dogs to rush straight through in an effort to catch what they're after.

Another possibility for damage to your screen door, is that your dog is simply trying to get closer to you or someone else (or chase the squirrel) and they begin pawing at the screen, resulting in a tear.

Make the Screen Door More Visible

One of the most basic ways to protect your screen door is to make it more prominent. You can do this by attaching anything to it that will alert your dog that there is a screen door there.

On the internet, you can find attractive stickers that have been designed specifically for this purpose. This is a fantastic solution to not only protect your screens from an excited dog, but also to give them a unique personal touch at the same time!

Clip Your Dog’s Nails

If your dog's claws become caught in the mesh screen on a frequent basis, keeping their claws clipped may be the most effective solution. This would not provide complete protection for your screen door, but it can reduce the risk of tearing, or at least severe tears.

Protect Your Screen Door with Our Universal Scratch Shield

Our Universal Scratch shield can be installed in seconds! Simply peel away the protective peel-off liners from both sides of your Universal Scratch Shield to reveal the scratch-resistant surface. Install without the need for hardware by using the transparent 3M Duel Lock coins that are provided.

The 3M Duel Lock coins are all identical in appearance. Put them together and press hard until they snap and lock into place, fastening your window guard while also providing an impenetrable protective shield.

To begin protecting your screen door, grab your Universal Scratch Shield today!

Written by Amber Drake

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