Shelter Appreciation Week

Shelter Appreciation Week: Celebrate Pets & Shelter Workers

Nov 8, 2018 · adopt don't shop · adoptable dogs · shelter dogs · shelter workers

November is full of holidays and celebrations of pets and those individuals who devote their lives to cats and dogs. National Shelter Appreciation Week is a time to celebrate those individuals who work tirelessly to find homes for the dogs and cats (and other animals) that come through the doors of the shelter -- whether they’re surrendered or lost and homeless.

Members of the CLAWGUARD team share their lives with adopted shelter pets. In fact, it was because of a rescue pet, Foster, that Clawguard was invented. Without this invention and the ingenuity of our founder, Kevin Dixon, Foster may have been surrendered because of the continued damage he caused to Kevin’s home.

We celebrate shelter pets and shelter workers every day!

Why should you celebrate during National Shelter Appreciation Week and how can you help those pets in shelters who need homes and the shelter worker?

First you need to know that those who work in animal shelters aren’t looking for praise or recognition. They do what they do because of a deep love of pets. They work countless hours -- many of them are volunteers! They -- the workers -- don’t ask for much; other than for people to adopt the animals for whom they care.

Celebrate the shelter worker by:

  1. Stopping by with a batch of cookies
  2. Check out the shelters’ wish list and make a donation.
  3. Volunteer your time. Walk a shelter dog. Clean a kitty litter box. Snuggle the dogs and cats.
  4. Offer to foster a dog or cat for a weekend.
  5. Don’t wait until National Shelter Appreciation Month to reach out. Contact your local shelter and see what you can do to help them (and the animals they care for) throughout the year.

The biggest and best way to celebrate National Shelter Appreciation Week is by giving a deserving pet a home! Once you’ve adopted a pet, you can spread the love and get the word out about the shelter by:

  1. Sharing photos of your newly adopted dog or cat on your social media page and tagging the shelter where you adopted him.
  2. If you don’t really need another knick knack for your birthday, ask friends and family to make a donation in your name to your favorite shelter.
  3. If you have a unique skill or talent (plumber, social media skills, photography, construction, etc.) let your local shelter know and that you want to volunteer. They will love you for it!
  4. Like, follow and share information from the shelter’s social media pages. The more you share, the more their pets get found and hopefully adopted!
  5. Urge family and friends to consider a shelter pet when they are ready to expand their fur family.

What is CLAWGUARD doing for shelters and rescues to show its appreciation?

We will offer a 20% off coupon code for anyone who adopts a shelter cat or dog.

We want to make certain, that even if the adopted pet claws the doorframe or scratches the furniture that they are not surrendered. Our products protect your home and stop the damage and keep pets from being surrendered. Email us for your special shelter adoption code!

CLAWGUARD builds shields that help protect homes from damage caused by dogs and cats. Products include door shields, couch guards, and universal protective tape that protects commonly scratched areas like window sills, furniture, banisters, weatherstripping and more.  Check us out on Amazon and read our many FIVE STAR reviews!

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