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New Product Alert!

By :Kelsey Ruocco 0 comments
New Product Alert!

You asked, we delivered!

We have officially launched our Cat Training Tape in strips AND sheets, which will become available for purchase in the coming days! Clawguard Cat Training Tape is a clear double-sided adhesive film engineered to deter cats from scratching, clawing, and jumping on furniture and other protected surfaces.

Simply install the Training Tape on the desired surface to create a durable barrier with anti-scratch properties to protect couches, sofas, cabinets, loveseats, drapes, blinds, corners, screens, and other common places where cats scratch.

Cat Training Tape is specifically engineered for cats as they will avoid the sticky surface. Clawguard Cat Training Tape offers a paw-safe, double-sided cat deterrent for any item in your home.

Keep an eye on as more new products will be launching soon!

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