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Preventing Cats from Scratching Furniture

By :Kelsey Ruocco 0 comments
Preventing Cats from Scratching Furniture

Scratched up furniture is not appealing and is often embarrassing (and frustrating) if guests stop by. You may consider purchasing another sofa, but what's the point if it's just going to end with the same result? You’re working on positive reinforcement training with your cat, but they still find themselves scratching the furniture from time to time.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

First, to better understand your cat, you need to learn why cats scratch various objects.

Cats require regular stretching of the muscles in their bodies. When you witness your cat scratching, you may notice that their body is entirely stretched out.They also have scent glands between their paws, which makes scratching even more enticing. When they scratch, the scent from the glands is emitted, which tells other cats where their territory begins and ends. Scratching also helps to keep your cat's claws sharp and healthy.

Redirecting a Normal Behavior

The goal isn’t necessarily to get rid of the behavior altogether, but rather redirect it to appropriate items. You should offer your cat at least one area that's acceptable to scratch in the house. Typically, this is a scratching post. Posts should be strong, tall, and stable enough not to tip over. If your scratching post isn't high-quality to your cat, they may continue to scratch in other places.

The post should be placed in an area where your cat prefers to rest and play. Usually, this is near a window or in a common area of the home. Another should be placed near the furniture they prefer to scratch. If it's a high-quality scratching post, they should learn to scratch the post instead of the furniture over time.

How CLAWGUARD Cat Training Tape Can Help

While you’re working to redirect your cat’s scratching behavior, you will want to protect your furniture and decrease the appeal of the furniture. You can do this by installing CLAWGUARD Cat Training Tape. This tape is double-sided and unappealing to most cats, deterring their scratching.

Keep in mind, you shouldn't use just any double-sided tape. CLAWGUARD's Cat Training Tape is developed with paw safety in mind. The low-tact adhesive won't irritate your cat's paws and can be removed from furniture safely.

Grab yours now by clicking here and get started on the path to scratch-free furniture!

Looking for some information about positive reinforcement cat training? Check out

Written by Amber Drake

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