Preventing Pet Damage to Your Window Sills

The Key To Preventing Pet Damage to Your Window Sills

Feb 27, 2022

What's the key to preventing pet damage to your window sills? Well, it's Our Window Sill Protectors! Discover how easy they are to install and how they instantly provide protection from pet scratching, chewing and clawing!

 If you’re like most of us pet parents, you once had beautiful, freshly-painted window sills… but once your pet came into your life, things changed. Your dog or cat has jumped up numerous times resulting in scratch marks all over the window sill.

It’s a bit of an eyesore when you walk around your house. Maybe you want to paint, or you already have re-painted them (a lot) but, it doesn’t seem to last long.

Train Your Dog Not to Jump on the Windows

When a dog achieves the desired behavior, positive reinforcement is used to encourage him to continue doing so. If the dog follows the instructions and stays off the window sill, rewarding him or her with food, toys, or praise can help to reinforce the behavior.

If you believe that this is the best technique to begin with, it is recommended to begin with the "off" command. To begin, use your dog's favorite food or treat to entice them toward their favorite window.

In order for this method to be successful, you must utilize your dog's favorite treats or snacks as bait for the process. Attempt to draw the dog's attention to a favorite window and begin training them with the "off" command.

Step back and observe the dog's reaction as soon as you've placed the yummy treat on the window ledge. As soon as they try to hop on the window sill, say "off" while simultaneously enticing them down with the reward.

Immediately after all four paws have been placed back on the ground, feed them the treat while giving praise. Repeat this for a few minutes every day until your dog understands the desired behavior.

Window Sill Protectors with CLAWGUARD

Our clear, high-quality, robust window sill protectors are resistant to scratches, claws, and slobber splatter. They offer window sill protection that is ideal for any and all windows. Plus, they come in several different sizes!

Protect your window sills from damage caused not only by your dog, but your cats, bird, or pet of any type. Not only will this protect your home, but the crystal clear high-tech plastic is made to blend in with any décor and keep your home’s interior looking its best at all times.

Clawguard Window Sill Protectors are simple to install, taking only a few seconds. Simply peel away the protective peel-off liners from both sides of your Window Sill Protector. To install, use the translucent adhesives that are provided. You don't even need hardware. Grab yours today!

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Written by Amber Drake

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