Teething Puppies Destructive Chewing

Teething Puppies And Destructive Chewing - A Pet Lover’s Guide

Feb 13, 2023

Teething puppies and destructive behavior are commonplace in the first few months of their life because it is part of the growing process, just as it is for human babies. 

Dogs have 28 deciduous teeth, which are pointed and sharp and sometimes known as needle teeth. As adults, they end up with 42 permanent ones.

During teething, they may be found scattered on the floor, but usually the puppy will harmlessly swallow them while eating.

It can be a very intense time for owners and family members because the puppy will bite everything in sight, including: furniture; window sills; hands, feet, fingers, toes any other object that crosses its path.

According to veterinarian, Dr. Karen Eldridge: ”Just like humans, puppies go through teething. Some fly through it with no problem, while others fuss, drool and chew.”

Why Do Puppies Attack And Chew Whatever They See?

Puppies learn about the world around them via how things feel, and a dog touches by grabbing things with its mouth.

This is normal behavior, and there is no one way to teach puppies not to chew on hands or body parts, but such behavior should not be rewarded.

You should let the puppy know it is wrong by pulling your hand away and yelping like a puppy would.

Discouraging puppies from chewing and biting your furniture and other items is another story and one best told by our teams at CLAWGUARD!

Why? Because our many products are designed to protect sofas, couches, window sills, doors, counter tops and other surfaces from the destructive onslaught of teething puppies.

Will My Puppy Ever Stop Chewing Everything?

Alas and alack, for the answer is both yes and no.

Excessive chewing does subside in most dogs at about 18 months of age, but to some degree, it will always be the way a dog relates to the tactile world around it.

Chewing, licking and mouthing are all part of the dog’s primal language, as they are used to explore surroundings and carry objects (hopefully, not fingers, toes and or other body parts or objects) all over your home.

dog biting chewing things

It’s a pet owner’s judgment call to make if the dog is showing harmful chewing behavior upon reaching maturation.

If this is the case, a trip to the veterinarian to learn about behavior modification may well be in order.

Dealing with destructive behavior in the home can be greatly helped our CLAWGUARD superior products that are guaranteed to work or your money back.

How Do You Handle A Puppy's Bad Chewing Behaviors?

While there is no tried and true method to discourage puppies from chewing, one rule of thumb is always true.

Negative behavior should never be rewarded by the pet owner, family members or friends.

If the puppy is chewing on hands or feet, make a yelping sound and instantly pull away. It may take a few times, but this will eventually register as a “no no” in the puppy’s mind.

Redirecting the puppy’s energy with training and exercise time and feeding from puzzle toys rather than bowls often works as well.

Family members can help by not leaving temptation in the puppy’s path with items like shoes, children’s toys and clothing. Substitute these for safe chew toys and only leave a few out at any one time.

Acceptable Chew Toys And Ones That Should Be Avoided?

It would seem that there must to be an endless array of choices  for toys since dogs have survived chewing on millions of things since the world was young.

Some modern products, though, can cause serious problems for dogs. Some can involve surgery and in some situations cause asphyxiation.

Chew toys teething puppies

(About 10 years ago, one of Oprah Winfrey’s dogs died by getting a toy caught in its throat.)

Some dangerous ones that should be avoided include: rawhides, pigs’ ears, the “bully stick,” tennis balls and synthetic toys.

Owners must always supervise their puppies when they begin chewing because no toy is ever 100% safe. They should also check with a vet as to which toys are acceptable.

How To Stop Teething Puppies From Nipping

A puppy responds to ‘no’ and ‘ow,’ and these words should always be used in a louder tone of voice than usual if your teething puppies finds your fingers, hands or toes acceptable chew toys.

Remember that they are babies and need to be taught what to do, which you can accomplish immediately by providing the toys they can chew on.

Always keep one in reach when you are playing with you new puppy.

Never hit or punish the dog for chewing because such action gets the same result as that old Italian idiom about ‘making a hole in water’ and will accomplish absolutely nothing. 

You must guide your puppy through this important time and guide yourself as well, for your ultimate goal is a happy, well adjusted dog and a loving, symbiotic bond between the animal, you and your family members. 

How To Protect Your Home From Teething Puppies

The following are a few products that we offer, which can save your furniture and precious belongings and also protect pet teeth and claws as well.

Heavy Duty Door Shields - Keeps Pet Teeth Away

Our darling, teething puppies will bite anything they come across and this includes: exposed doors, walls, door frames and drywall.

Repair can be costly and should be avoided, as it can be with these shields, which are much stronger than even the original version of this product.

Door Shield Scratch Protection

They also cover a much broader area. Your pet’s paws and teeth as well as your doors and home interior remain safe from injury and damage with the help of these highly efficient door shields.

Constructed from a fine quality of plastic, these frosted and clear barriers blend seamlessly into any home decor and can be applied to every door, exposed wall, door jam and door frame in the home.

Window Sill Protectors - Use Them Now!

These superior plastic barriers not only protect window sills from clawing scratching and chewing damage, they are also safe for puppy teeth, and can be installed without any hardware.

For those among us who think of screw drivers as drinks and a molly as a woman’s name, these are perfect.

Prevent window sill scratches from dogs
Simply peel off the liners from both sides of the guard, and apply the 3M Transparent Duel Lock coins we provide.
Then firmly press to snap them into place once assembled.

They will protect your window sills long after the teething period is over and they are well worth the investment.

Protection Tape Ten XL- Keep Furniture Safe

These cost-effective protection tape sheets made from superior quality plastic deliver guaranteed protection for the many vulnerable surfaces in your home which include: doors, furniture; glass; couches; sofas; weather stripping and others.

Furniture protectors

Single-sided, this barrier works effectively and safely against scratching clawing and biting damage caused by our pets.

You, your family, your furniture and your new puppy will survive the teething process with care, attention, love and patience given to the situation.

In Conclusion

Have patience, love your puppy and be sure to give our home scratch protection products a try!

You, your furry friend and your home will thank us!

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