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Pet Training Tool or Training Avoidance?

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We hear it all the time...

"Why buy a product to prevent damage? Just train your pets."

At Clawguard, we actually agree. We should be training our pets, not only to prevent damage to our homes, but also to prevent injury and accidents from occuring and harming our pets. Clawguard products are tools that prevent damage to your home, but more importantly, we also believe that they effectively help throughout the training process. 

At Clawguard, we are firm believers in fear-free, positive reinforcement training. Until recently, the popular belief was that training our pets, particularly dogs, required a firm hand and consequences. These methods do indeed work, but research has shown that instilling discipline in our pets by way of force doesn't lead to exhibiting learned behavior by choice but rather, exhibiting learned behavior due to fear.

Much like humans, fear can lead to anxiety, guarding, and aggressive tendencies. Anxiety in pets is what often leads to destructive behaviors within the home such as chewing of furniture or scratching of walls and doors. Clawguard products are effective in helping to prevent the damage done by clawing and scratching as a result of this anxiety.

Do Clawguard Products Help Train My Pets?

No, they don't. While our products may help to deter your pet from certain behaviors, training a pet is the act of lovingly teaching your pet to do or not do something and helping them learn to re-engage their focus elsewhere. We believe that training is more successful and better retained when this is done through positive reinforcement. 

Will Clawguard Products Help Reduce My Pet's Anxiety?

No, our products can't do this either, but our products do help to prevent damage to your home that occurs because of anxiety.  By doing this, we help to lessen human frustration during the training process and allows our customers to spend more time focusing on the love and less on the damage. 

At Clawguard, we are here to support you and the pets that you love all while still protecting your home and furniture from damage. Our innovative products provide a safe and attractive alternative, leaving you free to focus on more important things. Because while we don't always love the results of our pet's anxiety, we do love our pets.

For tips on how to help reduce your pet's anxiety visit the American Kennel Club, talk to your pet's trusted veterinarian, or research local Fear Free certified dog trainers in your area.

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