Take Your Dog To Work Day

Will You Join In Take Your Dog To Work Day?

Jun 13, 2019 · #clawguardit · dog separation anxiety · protect your home · take dog to work day

Pet parents who have employers who participate will be able to take their dogs or cats to work on June 21 when Take Your Pet To Work Day is celebrated. Take Your Dog To Work Day® was started by Pet Sitters International in 1997.

Will you take your dog or cat? Is your pet “office ready”? Just as we all want to show off our adorable babies, toddlers and teens we know they don’t always cooperate and the same is true for our fur babies. You love your dog or cat. You KNOW your dog or cat is the best behaved, most adorable pet on earth, but honestly are they ready for a day in the office?

Questions To Answer To Gauge Office Readiness For Your Dog

  1. Will your dog bark at your co-workers?
  2. Will your dog bark at, or try to fight with, the other dogs in the office?
  3. Will your dog be afraid of the office noises?
  4. Does your dog enjoy riding in the car?
  5. Will you need to take an elevator to get to your office? Has your dog ever ridden in an elevator?
  6. Are you certain your dog won’t have any accidents in the office because he is nervous?
  7. Will your dog be nervous all day in the office? And will that lead to your being nervous?

5 Things To Consider When Taking Your Cat To Work

  1. Does your cat allow you to put a harness or collar and leash on her?
  2. Does your cat enjoy riding in the car?
  3. Will your cat be overly nervous and anxious if he’s surrounded by dogs and other people?
  4. Do you have space to place a litter box AND how will you keep your cat safe and contained when he’s using the litter box?
  5. Will your cat sit calmly on your desk or will she need to be in a carrier all day?

Answer these questions honestly. If you don’t believe, deep down, that your pet will thrive in the office setting, you will be doing your dog or cat, and yourself, a favor by leaving them home.

You also need to have an escape plan in case taking your dog or cat to the office works out worse than you’d imagined. Will your boss give you the time you need to take your pet back home? Is taking your pet back home even a viable option (consider how long your commute is).

6 Tips When Taking Your Pet To Work

If your dog or cat is office ready and you’re sure of it, here are tips to make it a great day for you, your pet and your co-workers.

  1. Make sure your dog doesn’t jump on co-workers. Remember, not all people like pets (we don’t understand that, but there are!)
  2. Bring water and food
  3. Have a place for your pet to relieve himself and be prepared to clean up his messes
  4. Have a place where you can take your pet if he gets too nervous
  5. Bring an item or two from home, along with her bed, so she has familiar items and scents
  6. Keep your pet securely collared and leashed all day.

Above all, enjoy the day and enjoy showing off your incredible dog or cat!

Will you be taking your dog or cat to the office? We’d love to see photos! Share your office pics with us on our Facebook page.

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