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Are High Energy Dogs More Destructive Than Low Energy Dogs?

Nov 30, 2022

What’s the difference between low energy, medium energy and high energy dogs, and how can dog lover’s curb their inadvertent (or not so inadvertent) destructive behavior while also protecting their homes?

Here’s how to evaluate the energy levels of your friends along with 4 key scratch guard products to ensure your home and all of its surfaces survive the wrath of active pups!

While the above question may be worthy of an educated guest to those who do not live with these types of animals, to those that do, the answer lies all around them.

Living with a high energy dog can cause the sanest, most loving animal owner to loose his or her mind, while the owner of a low energy dog (and the dog) may find life to be generally cool and quite copacetic. Dogs with medium levels of energy, not surprisingly, fall in between the two.

High Energy Dogs Jack Russel

Understanding High Energy Breeds Of Dogs

There’s no question that the repressed energy of any dog that falls within this category is going to cause more destructive behavior than those animals that fall within the range of the other two.

So how can you tell if you live with one, you may ask. Well, the answer, my friends, is not blowing in the wind as Bob Dylan used to say.

It is rather, everywhere about, and as an owner of one (or more) or these creatures, you probably already know the answer, or at the very least suspect.

These animals are high maintenance, require above average mental and physical exercise, are always ready to move and they often play all day and all night. (When you as an owner can find the time to sleep is another problem meant for another article).

Their tails wag incessantly at incredible speeds, they jump up and down, bring you a toy when they see you and are constantly trying to engage in a game of tug of war or fetch.

Dalmatian Active Dog

One good note is the fact that the more energy a dog has, the more teachable he or she is to instruction (if the owner can stay awake, that is).

The ability to learn, however, can become very challenging if it is not addressed and nourished.

An owner of a high energy dog must commit some time for serious training and may need to consider some of CLAWGUARD’s products to aid against the damage caused by scratching and clawing, which can destroy expensive furniture, doors, window sills, curtains, couches and anything inanimate that wont play or respond to their instinctual need to release pent-up energy.

There is a reason why some dogs bounce off walls and others are happy just to be surrounded by them. It goes back to ancient times when dogs were in the early stages of domestication.

Slowly, they became enmeshed in human populations where they became hunters, guardians, shepherds and supply providers that crossed over snow and ice.

Their bodies became equipped for work, and when the need for dogs to aid in survival lessened, all that built in energy remained.

A new animal emerged accompanied by a name change from Canis lupus to Canis lupus familiaris (the family dog). However, there was no new moniker or remedy for that untapped energy, which would have to find a means of release.

There are ways to calm your high energy pup down so they will not take things out on innocent bystanders like furniture, doors, window sills, curtains screens and the like. For these situations, our CLAWGUARD products will help, but here are some ideas to think about.

Prevent scratching of window sills

5 Tips To Help Handle A High Energy Dogs

Accept Your Pup Will Need Exercise And Mental Stimulation

It is a given that dogs with this level of energy require more stimulation and exercise than others. Embrace this and run with it, taking your high energy pup with you.

Should You Put Your Dog To Work?

This is not as mean-spirited or taxing as it may sound. The truth is that anytime you teach you dog something new and train him or her on a regular basis, you are putting your dog to work.

If you don’t this, the animal will look for work, which could mean something very unpleasant such as destroying furniture with their  claws, ripping into curtains and couches and scratching on doors and windows. (Help CLAWGUARD!)

Which Job Is Best For Your Special Animal?

Do some research on your chosen breed of dog to find the answer to this question. A husky might enjoy strength related sports like bikejoring, which requires a mountain bike and proper harness, and a Border Collie is bred to herding.

This is certainly not going to work for Siberian huskies living in urban areas where sheep and goats to herd cannot be found, but if you take the time to study your dog closely, your will find hints as to which agility tasks the animal may enjoy.

A dog that is always after the family cat can engage in games involving chasing prey such as Frisbee or lure coursing, a game in which a dog chases a mechanized white plastic lure around a yard. Experiment the possibilities. They are always there.

Introduce Walking And Cooling Off Periods

Walking won’t release enough energy by itself because afterwards many dogs are are still raring to go. Calming down can be accomplished by providing a new direction onto on a focused task.
It can be a good time for obedience training, grooming or puzzle toys. An example of a working routine could be: a thirty minute walk; five minute training session; praise and loving, and breakfast served in food puzzle toys.

Use Clickers and Treats For Mental Exercises

Teaching obedience commands or tricks provides a fun way for an animal to exercise mentally. Clickers are not mandatory, but they are stimulating for many dogs with high energy levels. Find a local training class or work at home.

The Top 10 High Energy Breeds

There are quite a few high energy dog breeds. Some of the more popular include: 

      • Siberian huskies;
      • Border Collies;
      • Kelpies;
      • Australian Shepherds;
      • Cattle dogs;
      • Beagles;
      • Retrievers;
      • Poodles;
      • Dalmatians
      • and Jack Russell Terriers

Understanding Medium Energy Breeds Of Dogs

Dogs with medium energy levels are smart, highly trainable and great companions for all types of adventures.

Although dogs that fall into this category are generally mellow in nature, they are known to have occasional bursts of energy. They are the middle ground and are very popular for, well, medium energy inspired people which is a description that fits many of us (this author included.).

This translates into a dog that has relatively few care requirements as opposed to those of their higher energy cousins. 

Bichon Medium Energy Dog

These dogs do require exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day in order to remain healthy, and they are not inclined to take their energy out on inanimate objects like doors, couches windows and screens.

Most people will do very well with a medium-energy dog as long as they can spend at least 30-45 minutes per day for exercise.

5 Medium-Energy Breeds Of Dogs

The following breeds are some very popular medium energy dogs.

Bichon Frise

These playful dogs make great companions and were originally bred to perform circus acts. They are highly trainable and require much love. They are known more for their whining and crying for attention than for actual destructive behavior.

Boston Terrier 

Lively and sometimes mischievous, these compact, friendly dogs are always ready for a brisk walk to release energy and make delightful companions.

The Cocker Spaniel

These loyal dogs are always ready to play, but they are just as happy relaxing with their owners on a couch. Originally bred as companions to bird hunters, they do require some exercise and their favorite activity is fetching.

The Dachshund

Known for their unique shape and stubby legs, these adorable dogs are somewhat physically challenged, but they do have quite a bit of energy.

A good walk around the block is enough to make doors, drapes and couches less attractive and CLAWGUARD protective products best suited for another day. They are highly sociable animals and thrive with positive attention and caring.


The favored breed of the English royal family and originally bred asa herding dogs, their short legs keep them very close to the ground.

Still, they love to run and play and regular walks and runs are necessary. They are quick to learn training commands and they love agility courses.

Understanding Low-Energy Breeds Of Dogs

Couch potatoes by nature, these dogs make perfect companions for more inactive care-givers.

They require a few short walks a day, and are content to spend the rest of their time snuggling next to their favorite humans.

They may wag their tails and approach a new person, but they do not jump up, as some of their higher energy cousins do.

Bulldog Low Energy Dog

They are not likely to engage in intense play time or learning new tricks, but they make up for this with their good behavior.

While you might want to keep some of our protective products on hand just in case, it isn’t likely that these dogs will be very destructive.

Low Energy Dog Breeds Include:

      • Chow Chows
      • Basset Hounds
      • Havanese
      • Irish Wolfhounds
      • Bulldogs
      • and the Bloodhound

How To Protect Your Home From High Energy Dogs

The following represent some of our fine products that help to protect your home from the destructive claws and teeth of our beloved pets.

These shields help to keep high energy pets’ claws away from doors, walls, door frames and drywall, all of which can be very unattractive to look at, expensive to repair and can cause paw irritation and sometimes teeth damage.

They are a new and stronger version of an older product, and they cover a wider expanse. Keep your home interior and your pet’s paws safe from injury, and try these practical door shields.

These durable, flexible shields are made from the highest grade of materials, and they create a super operative barrier between your beloved furniture and your dog’s claws.

They are manufactured to fit around furniture contours and their seal cannot be broken.

This is guaranteed because they are made from marine grade vinyl, which simultaneously offers UV protection, which prevents the deterioration of colors and anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties, which deter the formation of mildew.

This product is ideal for the protection of doors, walls and screens from the destructive claws of high energy canines.

This highly versatile poly shield barrier can work anywhere you might need it. It is not harmful to pets in any way and it blends seamlessly into any home decor.

We guarantee that these crystal clear, superior quality plastic barriers will protect all windowsills, both small and large.

They are safe for pets and their use helps to keep paws safe from splinters and nail chips. They are versatile, come in six different sizes and their colorless character will blend perfectly into any home setting.

In Conclusion

So, if there is a moral to this story, it would be to learn to live with and lovingly accept your beloved pet, whether of high, medium or low energy.

If you prefer a higher level pup, there’s always help right at your fingertips with our many innovative scratch guard products.

Give them a try today and enjoy your high spirited animal without worry that you and your furniture may soon part ways!

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