Doggie Language, Illustrated

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With the thousands of tips and tricks out there for how to train our dogs, it's easy to forget that as dog owners it's up to us to train ourselves to read out dogs as well. In a quest to help educate the public, illustrator Lili Chin created a series of infographics and posters that are not only adorable, but also shed light on dog body language, behavior, special needs dogs and more. Here are a few of our favorites--  "Doggie Language" stars Chin's Boston Terrier, Boogie, in a demonstration and decoding of dog body language.  

the yellow dog project illustrations

"The Yellow Dog Project" is a program to help visually identify dogs that need a little space when they're outside, and to encourage those nearby to give them a little extra space. "How Not to Greet a Dog" is a great resource, especially for teaching children dog manners.    "Ain't Misbehavin'!," a collaboration between Chin and dog trainer Elisabeth Weiss, is a good reminder to keep our pets engaged in positive activities rather than get angry when they act out out of boredom. See more Doggie Drawings here.

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