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Show Your Love and Foster an Animal

By :Emily Cook 0 comments
Show Your Love and Foster an Animal

Animal fostering has become one of the more popular ways for the community to volunteer their time caring for animals in the comfort of their own home. Because it helps to reduce overcrowding in shelters and opens up space for additional animals to be saved, this time away from the shelter environment creates a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved. By taking in an animal that needs to age a few weeks prior to adoption, is recovering from an injury, surgical procedure, or illness, or just needs a break from the shelter environment, foster volunteers are effectively helping to save multiple lives at a time. 

But fostering can come at a price to your home. Because these animals are often overcoming an obstacle and have likely spent little time in a home, damage due to pet anxiety is a real possibility. Clawguard can help you protect your home so that you can keep saving lives but not sacrifice your walls or furniture in the meantime. 

An unfamiliar environment with new sights and sounds can be unnerving to a pet who is in need of special love and care. Fear of the unknown creates anxiety for our pets, which can often lead to damage in the home. Clawguard can help through our variety of damage-preventing products that not only keep your home free from damage, but also keeps your animals safe.

Our Original DoorShield can prevent against door and doorframe scratching when you leave for work in the morning, while our Furniture Shields can protect your couch arms from claws so that you can focus on giving your foster pet love and helping them heal. 

By helping to prevent damage in the home, Clawguard' mission is to keep pets in their homes and keep foster families focused on their mission of love and healing. There's no need to suffer permanent damage from a temporary buddy. Let Clawguard help today!

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